Practitioner-Grade Supplements

Clinical formulations with quality and integrity that you can trust

No fillers or colourants

No allergen ingredients

No contaminants

Gluten free




Medlac’s products follow the science, not the fads. Our products are formulated with the finest branded ingredients, using the same doses as the clinical studies that inspired them, to ensure that our products are efficacious, providing optimal benefits for you.

Premium ingredients Innovative formulations Scientifically-validated strength

Engineered to Go Further

The effectiveness of a supplement comes down to the potency of its ingredients and how well they are absorbed. Medlac’s products are designed with proprietary and advanced delivery technologies to enhance it’s stability and bioavailability so you can experience the full nutrient payload.

  • Microbac™ encapsulation technology
  • Capsugel® DRcaps® gastro resistant capsules


We prioritise natural ingredients and take care to avoid toxic preservatives and other nasties in our formulas. Many on the market contain up to 50% fillers, bulking agents and sweeteners (making them cheaper to produce).